I feel honoured to be president of our Old Students Association for 2013/14 and would like to thank the committee members and the members for giving me this opportunity.

I would like to congratulate our Past President and the Past committee members for successfully launching association’s website which is a milestone in our progress since its going to bring in enormous support and guidance to implement new constructive educational and skill development projects.

We have been concentrating a lot in developing infrastructure related projects with the help of bighearted old students in the past years. We believed that our school being in existence for eight decades should be having a good network among our old students which would support the School development activities in education, sports, skill development etc. By launching this website, we could take our school into next chapter of development.

I encourage all our members to come along and actively participate in projects of our school during 2013-15 and support the new committee to achieve more and more successes.