Vivekananda College, Colombo and its Old Students Association are really proud of the excellent achievement of its past pupil, Master.Vinoth Kishan Kathireson who is recently awarded a Scholarship by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) . He is invited by NASA to discuss and explain to them about his New Theory of Simplified Method to facilitate disabled persons’ communication with others.

Mas.Vinoth was a student at this College for 10 years studying from Grade 1 to GCE (OL) Stage, Thereafter he joined St.Thomas College Mount Laviniya and studied up to GCE (AL) (Maths stream). Right throughout he has been a bright student and topped in his class and earned reputation of Teachers.

Under the patronage of Vivekananda College Old Students Association Master.Vinoth Kishan was invited to the college, respected and honored by the Principal Mr.K.Ramaiah