Message from Cultural Development Secretary

Dear Friends,

As an old student of Vivekananda College, I am very much privileged to contribute my message on the occasion of the launching of a website by the Old Students Association of Vivekananda College. I am proud to the pioneers who formed the Old Students’ Association. Also I held the position of treasurer, when the school celebrated its 80th Anniversary and opened a bank account and deposited the fund collected from that celebration. The interest from this account is utilized to hold the primary school sports meet.

The launch of this website today will draw the attention of the old students who are living in abroad and that will help the Old Students Association to get modernized, expand and function with more strength.

I am honoured to render my contribution not only towards the development of the school but also towards the development of the Old Students Association as well. Also, I worked hard to change the evening session primary to morning session in 2007 when I held the position as the SDS Secretary.

Again. I was the treasurer of the OSA for the period 2010 -  2012 and during that period all know about the services rendered by the OSA or the school. I am glad to be the Cultural Secretary of the OSA at present. I pray to the All Mighty God that our OSA and this community should be everlasting.


Lion T. Uthayakumar PMJF (JP, Whole island)

Cultural Secretary

(Founder member of the OSA – 1990)