Access to Safe Blood to Save Mothers


Since 2004, WHO selects a country to host the WBDD Global event. The basis of selection depends on the achievements & quality of the Transfusion service. The events have been held at South Africa, UK, Thailand, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Spain, Argentina & France.

With our achievements, NBTS Sri Lanka was able to be selected as the host country for WBDD 2014 Global Event, from a competitive bidding process. This is the very first occasion that WHO has selected a South Asian country to host this prestigious event. NBTS takes all efforts to make this event a success and to bring glory to the country.  

Featuring the theme \"Access to Safe Blood to Save Mothers\", NBTS will pronounce a World Blood Donor Week to celebrate the global event of the WBDD 2014. The World Blood Donor Week will comprise of many events.